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A feature-rich Unity networking solution aimed towards reliability, ease of use, efficiency, and flexibility.

Client-side Prediction

Client-side prediction primarily focuses on ensuring players cannot cheat a variety of movement types. This feature is an absolute must for any competitive game and FishNet is the only free solution with proven client-side prediction technology.
Transports and Relays

Hit the ground running with whichever platform you like! Fish-Networking supports Steam, Epic Online Services, Unity Runtime, Android, WebGL(including WebRTC), Consoles, and a lot more.
Area of Interest

Manage what your clients see and receive from the server, while also increasing the scalability of your product. Our area of interest system is powerful out of the box, as well allows custom logic.
Lag Compensation

This is the act of rolling back colliders in time to where a client had seen them, ensuring accurate hit registration. This technique is applicable to several genre types but is most commonly seen in shooter games. Our lag compensation feature is accurate and highly performant.
Scene Manager

Our network scene manager allows you to easily implement global, additive, and stacked scenes, for all players or some. With these capabilities you can create rooms, hubs, segment worlds, load a level multiple times, and a lot more. FishNet remains the only framework to offer this feature!
Built-in Addressables

Addressables for other solutions either require hundreds of lines of code to implement, or are not supported at all. Fish-Networking has integrated prefab and scene addressables support, allowing you to utilize your addressables with minimal effort.

Access a variety of helpful tools to aid with your FishNet development.

Our documentation contains information on setting up components, using features, as well provides a variety of usage guides.

Access the source code directly and see individual changes on the Fish-Networking GitHub.

Get Fish-Networking directly from the Unity Asset Store.

Join us on Discord to chat or receive real-time help.


Download Pro files for Fish-Networking.

Stable   ?  These versions support enabling and disabling features still in development and are intended to be used for production.

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Beta   ?  While typically stable, may contain features in testing. For the quickest feedback and development of Fish-Networking we recommend using beta versions prior to readying for a release.

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Projects   ?  A variety of minature projects created with Fish-Networking to start your development or be used as a learning resource.

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